We have started recruiting new jobs! "Craft Chocolate Craftsman / Bean – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We have started recruiting new jobs! "Craft Chocolate Craftsman / Bean to Bar Chocolate Manufacture"

We have started recruiting new jobs.
If you are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you m (_ _) m


Craft Chocolate Craftsman / Bean to Bar Chocolate Manufacture

■ What is Mamano?
We are a rare Alibaba cacao specialty store that produces only 2% in the world.

By directly partnering with farmers and unions in the Amazon region of Ecuador, we purchase the highest quality fine inflator cacao "Ariba" without compromise in all processes such as variety, farming and transportation.

The representative himself goes to the site and builds a win-win relationship with the producer by building long-term relationships with farmers and unions.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have consistently been committed to alibaca cacao, which has the best scent, and have developed chocolate bar, raw chocolate, bonbon chocolate, chocolate shaved ice, drinks, ice cream, baked goods, etc. and provided them to our customers. I've come.

We have made many trials and made cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar recipes, roasting, etc., and manufactured Mamano-only couverture chocolate at the Ecuadorian factory without degrading the quality by air transportation to Japan. We have made chocolate by importing it into.

■ New initiative "Craft chocolate / Bean to bar"
From this year, we have started manufacturing chocolate from cacao beans in Japan in order to bring the deeper enjoyment of aliba cacao and chocolate to our customers.
The fields are called "craft chocolate" and "bean to bar".

Chocolate is a confectionery that requires precision as much as F1 if you compare it to a car.
At the moment, chocolate made in large lots at an existing factory in Ecuador is more "clean".

On the other hand, being beautiful is not the only deliciousness.
With Bean to Bar / Craft Chocolate, you will be able to express the strength of cacao in a lot with a small range of expression.

Currently, two representatives, Ezawa and Chocolatier, are working on the development.
We are already looking for one member who is passionate about Bean to Bar / Craft Chocolate.

■ Work content
・ Launch of new factory April-September 2018
・ Research and purchase of machinery and equipment
・ The entire manufacturing process up to the production of couverture chocolate, including roasting, grinding, atomization, refining, and cooling of cocoa beans.
・ Process management of fermentation, storage, transportation methods, etc. in cacao producing areas
・ Inventing a new recipe

■ What is necessary for Mamano members
It is not necessary to meet all the requirements at the time of application.
It is okay if you agree with the idea of wanting to work with such human resources and make efforts after joining the company.

1. Human power
2. Learning ability
3. Curiosity
4. Desire to grow
5. Empathy for the vision
+ α
6. IT skills
7. Language ability
8. Job-specific skills
* Experienced people are welcome
* If you are inexperienced, you can make use of your knowledge and experience of chocolatier, pastry chef, coffee roasting, cooking, nutrition, fermentation, fungus, etc.

■ Guidelines for making chocolate
・ Use the best materials
・ Use materials with a story
・ Use materials that allow you to see the producer's face
・ Maximize the power of the material
・ Avoid using preservatives, coloring agents, additives, etc. as much as possible
・ Make chocolate that can be eaten safely and securely
・ Pursue the world's first and world's only genres, products, and recipes

■Employment form
Permanent employees, contract employees, part-time jobs, outsourcing are all possible

■ Salary
Monthly salary: 200,000-400,000, trial period 3 months, transportation expenses provision, salary increase bonus twice a year

■ Holiday vacation
2 days a week, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays

■Benefits and welfare
Full social insurance, employee discount, paid leave, chocolate purchase fee support, book purchase fee support, seminar participation fee support, various in-house events

■ Work location
Akasaka Mitsuke Kobo, Tokyo Kobo

■ Participate in a tour


■ Apply for a job
1. 1. Apply by email
Please send your resume and resume with a photo to info@mamano-chocolate.com.
You can attach a PDF, etc.

2. Apply by mail
3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Floral Plaza 1st floor
To MAMANO recruiters