Introducing your impressions of MAMANO chocolate at the 3rd New Work R

Introducing your impressions of MAMANO chocolate at the 3rd New Work Review!

We would like to introduce your impressions of MAMANO chocolate at the 3rd New Work Review.
I hope you can use it as a reference when choosing MAMANO chocolates.
■ Snow Country Passion Fruit Bonbon (with grains)
・ Although the taste is passionate, the scent that comes out of the nose is Ariva. But at the end, the blunt passion in my mouth grew and the Ariva melted. Is delicious.
・ The mild acidity and rich chocolate sensation match, making it even more delicious than last time.
・ Good crushing feeling ☆
・ I don't think there is a feeling of passion so far, so I think this is very good. I've never eaten anywhere. I'm impressed.
・ Speaking of passion fruit, the seeds are more characteristic than the flesh, so I like the solid seeds! !!
・ It is good that the sourness of passion fruit stands out! The texture is also interesting!
・ The acidity of passion fruit spreads in your mouth, giving you a refreshing feeling.
・ The passion fruit is more effective than I expected, and it is very delicious.
■ Hazelnut bonbon
・ The bitterness of caramelize is just the right accent.
・ The scent and taste of hazelnuts will come later. The sweetness was just right and it seemed like I was getting real hazelnuts!
・ Hazelnuts and chocolate are good!
・ The moment I put it in my mouth, the scent of nuts spread to the full, and the crushing feeling that remained in my mouth was delicious.
・ Let's get the most popular!
・ Smooth with few habits.
・ I expected that Gianduja was included, but the flavor was alive and elegant with ganache. The thinness on the outside of the dome is good.
・ It has a nice scent and texture, so it's fun. I like sweetness, so I like it.
・ I love chocolate with hazelnuts, so I like it the most. The crunchy texture of the top is good
■ Banyuls (red wine) bonbon
・ It feels like the scent goes through your nose.
・ I have never encountered chocolate that can feel red wine until the end.
・ I think it is the most balanced. The original taste of red wine, taste and chocolate.
■ Cognac bonbon
-The thinness of the outer coating is wonderful.
・ I liked the taste the most. It was good that the scent wasn't quarreling with chocolate and cognac.
・ It's brandy, but it's easy for women to eat!
・ It's refreshing, but the cognac and cacao flavors are well-balanced.
・ No alcohol odor! acidity? Somehow it was a match. It can be eaten by pregnant women!
■ Alibaba 75% best gelato
・ I don't think it's gelato, I think it's a sweet!
-Although it is rich, it does not feel like sticking to the back of the throat, and the texture is very good.
・ It was amazing that it didn't become muddy even if I held it in my hand for a while, and it had the same texture as when it came out.
・ I thought it was a fluffy feeling, and it was refreshing including the aftertaste, so I wanted to eat more.
・ The flavor and texture have changed and it is fun to eat. Mochi and new texture.
・ I think it's good to have a smooth texture and a rich yet light feeling.
・ I thought it was interesting because of the texture for the first time.
・ Although it is rich, it is refreshing and very delicious. The feeling of melting on the tongue is very good.
・ The strong taste like mousse is very delicious. The taste you want to eat even in winter.
■ Frozen Ariva Chocolate Drink
・ It's a refreshing drink and you can drink as much as you want!
・ It feels good to slip through your nose after drinking!
・ It has no acidity and is easy to drink for men and women of all ages!
・ The best! Maybe you like it the most right now!
■ Others
・ The raw chocolate picks are very cute, so I think it would be nice if you could make 3-4 types and change them on a monthly basis.