delicious! fun! Valentine's Day Limited Chocolate Tasting Report ☆ – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

delicious! fun! Valentine's Day Limited Chocolate Tasting Report ☆


Good evening!
This is MAMANO Ezawa.

We held a new tasting party for Valentine's Day limited products on Saturday and Sunday last week!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the cold weather.


It was a small group of 10 people at each party, but it was enjoyed by people who love chocolate.
We were able to receive many valuable opinions that we cannot usually hear directly.
Some of my impressions are posted on the product introduction page.


We will continue to devote ourselves to making chocolate that will make you even more delicious and happy!
We would like to continue holding it in the future, so please join us ☆


In addition, there are 11 days left until Valentine's Day.
It is expected to be sold out because it is handmade one by one.
By all means, please reserve your reservation as soon as possible m (_ _) m

MAMANO is looking for part-time staff! !!

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