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[Product Standards] Chocolate bubbles and lecithin-free policy

Hello, this is Mamano Ezawa.

Today, I would like to introduce the product standards for chocolates (card chocolates, tablets) manufactured by Mamano.

Some Mamano chocolates have small bubbles in them.


State of manufacturing


Small bubbles


It is more beautiful if there are no bubbles.

Mamano is also working on improving manufacturing every day, aiming for perfect luster with zero holes.

Improving fluidity is the most effective way to eliminate holes, and adding lecithin makes chocolate smooth and easy to handle.

However, as of January 2019Mamano'sMaterial policyPolicy not to use lecithin asManufactures chocolate at.


It does not deny lecithin itself.

Lecithin is made from 100% soybeans, and you can also look for natural soybeans or non-GMOs.

I feel that the flavor will not be lost (it may be slightly weakened because the ingredients contain things other than cacao and sugar).


As Mamano's policy,We use only a single variety, Alibaba cacao, beans from a particular organic farm.In order to directly convey to our customers the feeling of commitment and security of the flavorProduct composition with as simple materials as possibleIt is a policy not to use lecithin because I think it is good.

We will continue to research in the future and will notify you when the policy changes.


In addition, we will deepen our knowledge of chocolate without using lecithin, and will continue research and development so that we can make products with zero bubbles, perfect gloss, and perfection.

We hope that our customers will understand.