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[Play blog] Refresh yourself by walking in the valley and seeing the waterfall in Hinohara Village.

The other day, three members went to Hinohara Village in West Tokyo to play.

What is Hinohara Village?

→ http://www.vill.hinohara.tokyo.jp/


I got up at 4am and got on the train and arrived at Musashi Goka station at 7am.

30 stops by bus from there.

Arrived at the Kanoto Rock bus stop near Kanoto Rock, a designated natural monument of Tokyo.

Kanoto rock

First walkKanoto rockWhat.

A sudden sense of adventure.


Hossawa Falls

After gazing at the magnificent rocks, walk up and down the almost mountain trails of Tengu Waterfall, Tengu Waterfall, and Ayataki. Negative ions heal the mind and body.

The bird is Hossawa Falls, which was selected as one of the 100 waterfalls in Japan.

There is a tofu shop at the entrance of the course, and there is a line of locals and tourists.

After having a full course of thick soy milk, fried tofu, fried tofu, donuts, and soft beansHossawa FallsWhat.


On the way back, I went to sleep slowly in the hot water of Seoto.

After thatA party to make chocolate from chocolate-kun's beansI participated in and enjoyed it.


Nature is good ~.

I would like to refresh and deliver delicious chocolates to everyone again!


Recruiting friends

MAMANO is looking for friends!

Please feel free to apply for tours, consultations with employees, etc. ☆

→ I want to hear the story of MAMANO!

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