2017 White Day store opening information – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

2017 White Day store opening information

It's finally March ♪

White Day is coming soon ... in return for Valentine's Day. For loved ones, family members, and those who are indebted.

How about MAMANO chocolates made by hand with a lot of love from chocolatiers? ^^

Tokyo Station from 3/2 (Thursday)GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI(GRANSTA Marunouchi)We will open a store at the exhibition hall!

The place is the driving wheel open space on the first basement floor of the Marunouchi South Exit of Tokyo Station.

■ Store opening period: 3/2 (Thursday) to 3/14 (Tuesday)

■ Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00

■ Location:GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI(GRANSTA Marunouchi) Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit B1F, Dorin Square



Please come visit us ★


■ God's large pavé chocolate "Sakura" 3 pieces

1,250 yen (1,350 yen including tax)


■ God's large pavé chocolate "Sakura & Franboise" 6 pieces

2,408 yen (2,600 yen including tax)


The best match is Sakura's original spring aroma and the fruity finish of Ariva chocolate.

The refreshing acidity of Franboise powder adds to the springiness.

Enjoy the news of spring in a marriage with Ariva chocolate.

■ Beauty ★ Chocolat ~ Nectar & Argan oil bonbon chocolate ~ 6 pieces / 10 pieces

Ganache bonbon chocolate with coconut nectar and richness.

☆ Argan oil ☆
We use the finest oil that can be obtained in Morocco and can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect!
The best match between the fragrant nuts and the fruit of Ariva.

2,686 yen (2,900 yen including tax) / 4,352 yen (4,700 yen including tax)



■ Rikuoku Hachisen Doburoku x Rikuoku Hachisen Funabake Bonbon Chocolat 6 pieces / 10 pieces

The most popular last year! Rikuoku Hachisen Nigori Sake "Doburock" x Rikuoku Hachisen Blue Label Funaboke Bonbon Chocolat.
It has a creamy taste but a dry and refreshing aftertaste. By all means for those who like alcohol!

2,408 yen (2,600 yen including tax) / 3,889 yen (4,200 yen including tax)



■ Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store
Weekdays 11: 00-23: 00 Saturdays 11: 00-19: 00 Closed on Sundays and holidays

3moon12The day (Sun) is11Time~18We will be specially open at the time of the day.
Furthermore, on the day of White Day14The day is morning8We will be open from time to time.

This is your chance to buy it before you go to work. Please drop in!