6/16 MAMANO God's Chocolate for Father's Day Gift – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

6/16 MAMANO God's Chocolate for Father's Day Gift

Hello! This is Kotaro Ezawa.
6/16 (Sun) is Father's Day!
Why don't you give MAMANO chocolates with gratitude this year?
Introducing MAMANO's special chocolate again.
For dads who like alcohol ...
We recommend 6 kinds of assortment (1,170 yen) containing 4 kinds of sake bonbon chocolate.
For dads who like bitter chocolate ...
We recommend the pure Ariva 75% chocolate bar set (starting at 1380 yen).
For dads who like sweetness ...
We recommend the best melting raw chocolate (starting at 680 yen). In addition, orange blessings, caramel nuts aliba, hazelnut bonbons, etc. have a strong sweetness, so it is good to combine them!
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