9/17 (Monday) is Respect for the Aged Day! Write a thoughtful letter w – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

9/17 (Monday) is Respect for the Aged Day! Write a thoughtful letter with a "postcard with a photo". [Online shop nationwide uniform shipping fee half price]

This year's Respect for the Aged DaySeptember 17 (month)is.

Let's deliver a healthy figure to grandpas and grandmas who can't usually meet! So,Mamano original postcardWe have prepared.
During the campaign period, all customers who visit our storeGet a free postcardI will do it.

If you wish, you can take a picture at the store. Please come to our store with your friends and family!

Campaign content ①
Period: September 3rd (Monday) -September 17th (Monday)
Get a Mamano original postcard
* If you wish, we will lend you a check on the spot.
* Stamp preparation (62 yen) is also charged.
* Please post the mail by yourself.

The staff also took a picture immediately!

Campaign content ②
"Grandpa, let's give grandma a luxurious chocolate"

During the period,Chocolate [half price for shipping]Delivered byTo do.

period:September 1 (Sat) ~ September 17 (Month)
Contents: Over-the-counter oronline shopFor those who ordered more products
   [Cool Takkyubin] Half price for uniform shipping nationwideIt will be (486 yen).

Please take this opportunity to enjoy it at home.
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