I received MAMANO chocolate for EXILE's HIRO ☆ – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

I received MAMANO chocolate for EXILE's HIRO ☆

EXILE's live performance on April 27th.
The president of the same building who is always indebted (Naoko Kawamura) Has been invited to a live concert at EXILE, so he chose MAMANO chocolate for the insert. Assortment of 7 types of raw chocolate, bonbon chocolate, and chocolate bar.
Later, I came to the store with my husband and received a report saying, "I handed it directly to the leader, HIRO!" I am grateful that you chose HIRO-san at the important occasion of his retirement live!
It would be great if MAMANO could be of some help to express the feelings of "Thank you for your hard work" to EXILE (& HIRO) who is doing well in Japan.
For choosing MAMANONaoko,Thank you.
HIRO-san, I look forward to your future success! !!
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