MAMANO transforms into a BAR after 8 pm! !! – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

MAMANO transforms into a BAR after 8 pm! !!

MAMANO transforms into a BAR after 8 pm! ??
We have prepared 4 types of sake that go well with chocolate ☆
It's a small shop, so choose your favorite chocolate in the standing and have a light drink.
I hope you enjoy it like that.
Held at a limited time price from 5/18 (Sat) to 5/25 (Sat) !!
A gem of sake that goes well with MAMANO's chocolate, which was jointly selected by MAMANO and Isetan buyers.
Feel free to have a drink with your favorite chocolate.
-Red wine
Domaine du Mas Blanc Banyuls Vieilli en Sostrera - Hors d’Age, red 2003 年
Sweet dessert red wine exclusively for chocolate.
Glass (100 ml) 850 yen
It has a well-balanced taste that is easy to drink with a soft mouthfeel while having a tightly condensed fruit taste that is typical of Southern France.
Glass (100 ml) 570 yen
The Arran Malt
Lock (30 ml) 300 yen
Double (60 ml) 600 yen
-Wheat shochu
Dongfei   a gun "carved"   long-term storage
Atmospheric distilled barley liquor prepared with carefully selected Nijo barley is aged in the brewery for a long period of time to bring out its gorgeousness and fragrance. Rich taste.
Glass (80 ml) 700 yen