The secret of MAMANO chocolate "Freshness with a speed of only 3 month

The secret of MAMANO chocolate "Freshness with a speed of only 3 months from the harvest of cacao beans to commercialization"

KALLARI chocolate used by MAMANO in Fair Trade is fermented from the headwaters of the Amazon, dried in the sun, and then transported down the river to the factory. Since the factory is also owned by KALLARI ASSOCIACION, we can commercialize it without losing the freshness of the highest quality Ariva cacao.
Three months is early from harvest to commercialization ...?
Isn't it natural that cultivation and factories are close?
No, no.
In fact, most chocolates are cultivated and factories far and far away.
As a result, it can take several months to transport by ship, and the freshness of cacao is not a little lost.
This is one of the decisive differences that KALLARI chocolate can produce a completely different level of taste and aroma from other manufacturers and farmers who handle the same Ariva cacao.
Tomorrow, we will deliver God's chocolate to everyone ☆