MAMANO graduate Chihiro Yamada is a big success. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

MAMANO graduate Chihiro Yamada is a big success.

In 2013, as the only staff at the time of launching MAMANO,
Yama-chan, who went from customer service to manufacturing together,
Now he is very active as a model and blogger.
As long as I'm happy!


It's on the poster of Let's Enjoy Tokyo on the Tokyo Metro!
The other day's beauty body by MAMANO CHOCOLATE Akasaka Sacas rushed in after the store opened!

Akasaka Memories Board, please write it down when you visit the Sakas store!

★ Chihiro Yamada
[Tokyo] It's like an overseas BBQ! Group dates are super fun at a campsite that is too fashionable with a BAR in the pool!


☆ ★ We are also looking for jobs ☆ ★

[Chocolate cafe staff] Opening staff recruitment ★ Directly connected to Akasaka station ◎ High hourly wage 1200 yen ~ (employee, part-time job)

Recruitment of chocolatiers and pastry chefs (employees, part-time jobs)

Planning sales / corporate sales recruitment (employees, part-time jobs)

Student internship student recruitment