Ecuadorian Organic & Fair Trade Alibaca Kao 70% Chocolate Plate 60g (P – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Ecuadorian Organic & Fair Trade Alibaca Kao 70% Chocolate Plate 60g (Pure) is now on sale.

Chocolate bar using MAMANO's Alibaba cacao,
Until now, it was only available in mini size, but we have started to offer it in large size.
After waking up in the morning, after lunch, with alcohol ...
Enjoy the treasures from the Amazon in Ecuador.


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☆ Organic
☆ Fair trade

Content: 60g
Ingredients: Sweet dark chocolate (Ecuadorian cocoa mass, sugar, Ecuadorian cocoa butter)
Storage method: Store in a cool and dark place of 21 degrees or less
Best-by date: 6 months from manufacture
Manufacturer: Kotaro Co., Ltd. 3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Floral Plaza 1st floor


■ What is the 2% rare variety "Alibacacao" in the world?
Alibaba cocoa is an ultra-rare variety that is close to the native cocoa variety, producing only about 2% of the world's cocoa production.
It is endemic to Ecuador and cannot be cultivated in other countries.
It features a fruity acidity and a gorgeous aroma.


■ Because it is genuine and pure, it is the best
Among the rare cacao, "Alibacao" used by MAMANO in fair trade is limited to cacao that is still grown by natural farming in Ecuador, the birthplace of cacao. Since the time when cacao was called "God's food", the farming method inherited from continuous cotton is an ideal style that can coexist with the nature of the Amazon.
The cocoa plantation is a small family run and communicates daily with the plantation to maintain the highest quality.

Normally, cocoa is mixed with the highest quality cocoa and other cocoa due to the intervention of middlemen and wholesalers, so it is very difficult to maintain the highest quality, but at MAMANO, it is a farm. We manage everything in the direct flow of → local partner → MAMANO, so we are able to produce pure and genuine Aliba cacao chocolate from the best cacao state in the world.


■ What is slow food?
Slow food is a concept that was born in opposition to fast food.
It refers to locally rooted products, farming methods, and foods, and MAMANO's alibaca chaos is also slow food.


■ About the manufacturing location
We will carefully and passionately manufacture each grain at our factory in Akasaka, Tokyo, and deliver it to you.


■ About the materials used (common to all MAMANO chocolates)
・ Do not use additives or preservatives as much as possible (100% chocolate bar is not used). Except for those originally contained in the secondary ingredients used for the purpose of adding texture, no additives or preservatives are placed in MAMANO's chocolate factory, and they are not mixed during manufacturing.
・ Uses slow food ingredients, traditional ingredients, and agricultural products