Gift information: Reservations start on November 9th (Friday). 3,000 y – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Gift information: Reservations start on November 9th (Friday). 3,000 yen Year-end gift gift 2018 winter [100 boxes limited / wooden box]

We have an assortment of popular products for year-end gifts.
Contains 12 mini-tablets, 6 fluies, and 1 drops.
You can choose between plain and year-end gifts, so please enter your desired Noshi in the remarks column.


Product name: Year-end gift gift 2018 Name: Chocolate Raw material name: [70% pure] Chocolate (Kakaomasu, sugar, Kakaobata), (Some of the raw materials include milk) [70% salt] Chocolate (Kakaomasu, sugar, Kakaobata) , Salt, (some of the raw materials include milk) [70% chocolate] chocolate (kakaomasu, sugar, kakaobata), sugar, amond, confectionery, vegetable fats and oils, (some of the raw materials contain milk), Recitin (derived from soybeans) [70% brown sugar] chocolate (kakaomasu, sugar, kakaobata), brown sugar, (some of the raw materials include milk) [70% crispy] chocolate (kakaomasu, sugar, kakaobata), sugar confectionery (Sugar, wheat, butter oil, lactose, milk stamp, salt, molt, baking powder) [Fruy strawberry] honey-containing confectionery sugar, strobery, chocolate (kakaomasu, sugar, part of kakaobata), chocolate Includes), thickener (pectine), quinic acid [flui-passion] honey-containing confectionery sugar, passion fruit, dark chocolate chocolate (equadol-produced kakaomasu, sugar, sugar-containing confectionery) , Thickener (Pectin), Quantic acid [Drops] Chocolate (Kakaomasu, Sugar, Kakaobata), (A part of the raw material contains milk) Contents: 12 minitablets, 6 chocolates, 25 chocolates : Cool and dark place below 21 ℃ Manufacturer: Chocolate Co., Ltd. 3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Expiration date: Listed by product


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