[Must-see for chocolate lovers !!] New spring and summer works from MA – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Must-see for chocolate lovers !!] New spring and summer works from MAMANO !! More than 10 types such as scones, marshmallows, and new petit marshmallows !!

This is MAMANO Ezawa.

Today, we will introduce new products that are coming out one after another!

Scones with plenty of Ariba chocolate

Since its launch in 2013, it has been very popular with regular customers.
A rich chocolate flavor with plenty of large chocolate chips.
The scone dough is moist and crispy, and the popular scones that are finished so that you can enjoy them deliciously without water have become even more delicious! !!

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① Add domestic pure cream to improve the moist feeling
(2) Even if you apply syrup just before baking, it will be grilled! With caramelised, the texture at the beginning of eating is crispy and the gentle sweetness spreads.
③ Chocolate design on the back of the scone

Two new types of chocolate scones that are even more delicious and cute are now available !!

[1st type]
Nectar brown sugar banana

By using rich sugar such as nectar and brown sugar, the whole dough is moist and gently finished. The banana chips add a crispy texture and banana flavor, making it a perfect finish for breakfast.
Tanegashima brown sugar is used for brown sugar. The nectar is from Cambodia (palm).

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[2nd type]
Black soybean matcha

Matcha uses "pine white" from Akasaka Dobashien.
The bittersweet matcha scone dough is accented with the natural sweetness of black beans.
You can purchase it at the main store, online shop, and each exhibition hall!

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Next, I would like to introduce you to Marshmallow Che!

Marshmallow chocolate is an Ariva 70% chocolate crunch with a crunchy texture, and marshmallows and nuts are added to accentuate it with salt.

Two flavors are now available for marshmallows!

[1st type]
Marshmallow raspberry hazelnut flavor.
The fragrant aroma of hazelnuts and the sour accent of raspberries
A addictive taste of nuts and fruits.


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[2nd type]
Marshmallow pistachio flavor.
The rich pistachio scent is irresistible.
The pistachio from the finest Sicily is lavishly kneaded, so you can enjoy the pistachio flavor and aliba chocolate at the same time with a rich and crunchy sensation.
You can purchase it at the main store, online shop, and each exhibition hall!

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Petit marshmallow wrapped in Ariva


The last is "Petit marshmallow wrapped in Ariva".
Announced as a new product limited to Shibuya Hikarie, it finally appears in the main store & online shop!

A thin coat of 70% Ariva chocolate is applied to the petit marshmallow, which has a texture that melts quickly. After coating, the flavors of matcha, kinako, raspberry, pine and cherry are combined.

At first glance, each flavor spreads, and you can enjoy the chewy texture and the faint aroma of aliba chocolate when you chew. When you chew it on your tongue, everything is mixed with marshmallows, and the sweetness, freshness and fruitiness of chocolate spread, making you want to eat as many as you like.

It is also used as a reward for yourself and as a tea confectionery when you have a tea party with your friends.

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Please try these new products!
We are waiting for you at Akasaka, online shop, and each exhibition hall ♪