Two new pistachio x alibacao products are now available! From Septembe – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Two new pistachio x alibacao products are now available! From September 26th. Birthday cake too.

September 26th (Tuesday) Two new products of Alibaba x Pistachio dedicated to pistachio fans will be released!

Both are finished so that you can fully enjoy the scent of pistachio.

It will be on sale at the store from this evening, so please give it a try!


1. 1. God's chocolate ball "Good morning chocolate piss nuts"

A low-sweetness chocolate ball with plenty of pistachios, walnuts and almonds.
Nuts are also noteworthy as a very good ingredient for beauty and health!
Enjoy the aroma-rich flavor of alibaka cacao and three types of mixed nuts.

● When you are busy and do not have time to have breakfast slowly ...
● When you want to eat chocolate in the morning ...

Enjoy a new sensation of breakfast chocolate at Alibaba Cacao.

Best-by date: 20 days from manufacture
Storage temperature: Cool and dark place of 21 degrees or less

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2. Raw chocolate cake pistachio

On top of a layer of 50% cacao alibaga ganache,

"Raw chocolate cake pistachio" with butter cream with plenty of pistachio paste

The elegant and powerful scent of pistachios, known as the Queen of Nuts, spreads.

¥ 480 (tax included)


3. 3. Raw chocolate cake love chocolate (for birthday)

A little less than No. 4 cake that can be used on birthdays, etc., which has received many requests from the popular love chocolate.

It's okay to carve it as a gift or at a large party.

¥ 3,500 (tax included)