[Post mailing possible] Mamanoka Cacao Tablet 70% Dark, Ariva National – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Post mailing possible] Mamanoka Cacao Tablet 70% Dark, Ariva National Ecuador

About the flavor of Alibaba National

「MAMANO TABLET CHOCOLATE 70% DARK, ARRIBA NATIONAL ECUADOR」The biggest feature you can feel is when the chocolate melts.A gorgeous scent that spreads lightlyis.

From the time of establishmentOnly 2% of the world's rare cacao "Aliba cacao"Continue to stick to, cooperate with local partner farms,Non-GMO Alibaba cacaoPesticide-free natural farmingUse only A rank beansBy doing so, you can enjoy the scent of Alibaba cacao to the fullest.

Not only the aroma, but also the acidity of the fruit, the deep richness created by roasting and refining, the clear bitterness, and the natural sweetness of sugar have the effect of healing the mind and body.


Thoughts in the package

The package is Mamano's cacao producing areaEcuadorian Quechua girlWas modeled on.

The same girl is drawn on the handbag that has been used since the company was founded.

For illustrations that cherish the earth, to create delicious chocolateWe will carefully protect the nature of the earthI put the meaning.

In this package, three indicators express the basic taste of chocolate.

  • bitterness
  • Milky
  • Tongue

Items such as production area, variety, farming method, etc. are also shown, so we hope that you can refer to them when choosing products.

On the back side, I described Mamano's commitment and the process from cacao to chocolate.
I hope you can enjoy Mamano's world view while eating chocolate.


Food representation

Product name: Mama no cacao cocoa butter 70% dark, alibana cocoa butter 100g Name: chocolate raw material name: chocolate raw material name: chocolate liquor (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter), (contains a part of the raw material) The following cold and dark places Manufacturer: Chocolate Co., Ltd. 3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Expiration date:


[Can be delivered by post mailing]

If you only have 3 tablets and Akasaka Chocolat Fruy,Nationwide uniform 185 yen (free for 1,000 yen or more)Can be shipped at.

Please note that it will be delivered with raw chocolate or bonbon chocolate or by normal Yamato Transport.


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