Appeared in the new chocolate cake "Soshi Soai" online shop. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Appeared in the new chocolate cake "Soshi Soai" online shop.


Hello, this is MAMANO Ezawa.

Using the popular new luxury brandyChocolate cake "Soshi Souai"Has also appeared in the online shop ♪

As an adult luxury, it's nice to have it with your loved one.

It is also recommended to combine it with brandy and wine ☆

Product introduction

Based on the moist chocolate pound cake, you can enjoy the texture and aroma by kneading Ariva chocolate into the dough and adding it as chocolate chips.

Immediately after baking, soak a generous amount of Armagnac-based syrup and let it sit for at least one day to complete the gorgeous chocolate cake "Soshisoai" of Alibaba cacao and Armagnac. The decoration is plenty of Ariva chocolate, with pistachios, hazelnuts, gold powder, etc. added lively.

Please use it as a reward, a time with a loved one, a wedding sweets, etc.

Size: width 21 cm x length 5 cm x height 5 cm
Best-by date 1 month from manufacture
Please consume immediately after opening.
Save: Save in a cool and dark place

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Chocolate cake "Soshi Souai"


There is also an eat-in plate in the store ♪