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New product announcement ★ God's bonbon chocolate "Pearl chocolate" | MAMANO for Akasaka souvenirs


Hello!MAMANOIt is a true wall.

Spring is in full swing ♪ We have started selling new products that are perfect for this season!

God's Bonbon Chocolat "Pearl Chocolat" (100%Ecuadorian National Alibaba Cacao)is.

A colorful bonbon chocolate that shines like a pearl.

You can enjoy 5 kinds of flavors!

[Salt Pearl (Blue)] -Ariba51%

Uses sea salt from Yoron Island, Kagoshima Prefecture.

The salty taste with plenty of minerals makes the outline of the taste of Ariba chocolate clear and enhances the taste.


[Strawberry Pearl (Red)] -Ariba41%

After the sweet and sour strawberry and aliba chocolate melt, a jam-like richness spreads in the mouth.

[Ariba Pearl (Orange)] -Ariba70%

Ariba70% And fresh cream, butter melts in the mouth It is a dish that you can enjoy the original taste of Ariva chocolate.

[Lemon Pearl (Yellow)] -Ariba30%

The refreshing sourness of lemon and the aroma of aliba chocolate spread softly in your mouth.


[Hazelnut pearl (green)] -Ariba52%

Fragrant hazelnut pralines and roasted almonds. Ariba and nuts go great together.

MAMANOIt is also sold in limited quantities at online shops.

Bonbon chocolate made from the highest quality Ecuadorian alibaca cacao grown in the wilderness of the AmazonMAMANOIt's a taste that can only be tasted by yourself!

A gorgeous dish that will make you happy as a souvenir ♪

We are also waiting for you at the Akasaka main store!

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