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Authentic hot chocolate at home! Mamanoka Cacao Let Drops 25g (with original recipe)

What is Cacao Let Drops?

1 grain size chocolate dropsPackaged in a can containing.
To express our commitment to cacao, not chocolate"Cacao let"I named it.

"Drops" is chocolate that is hardened by dripping chocolate like "drops".

I want to put a little bit of fine chocolate in my mouth!In case of such a situation, I made it a package that is easy to carry.
70% cacao, so the satisfaction of one grain is enough


Perfect for making sweets!

Because each grain is small, it dissolves more easily in milk and cream than chocolate bar.Great for making sweetsis.

Feel free to hot chocolate at homePlease use it as a material when making chocolate or chocolate.
It is also recommended to mix it with cookies and scones and bake it.


Commitment to cacao let drops ...

  • We use only A-rank alibaca cocoa, which is grown in the Amazon of Ecuador by natural farming (no pesticides) and is only available in 2% of the world.
  • Imported by air so as not to oxidize direct trade with local farm associations
  • Additives, coloring materials, synthetic compounds are not used
  • Alcohol free
  • No dairy products or animal foods (vegan compatible)


Hot chocolate recipe with cocoa let drops

Enjoy MAMANO chocolate drinks at home!

1. Warm 135g of milk until just before boiling and turn off the heat.
2. Put cacao let drops in 25g milk
3. Add sugar as you like (about 0-5g)
4. Mix well with a mini whipper
5. Pour into a cup and it's done

Before going to bed at night, it is recommended to reduce the amount of chocolate with a large amount of milk to avoid caffeine.
After having breakfast in the morning, add more cocoalet drops and add dark bitter hot chocolate without sugar.
I would be grateful if you could use it as a source of energy every day.


品名  :DARK CACAOLET DROPS 70% Arriba National from Ecuador
Name: Chocolate
Ingredient name: Sweet dark chocolate (Ecuadorian cocoa mass, sugar, Ecuadorian cocoa butter)
Contents  : 25g
Storage method: Cool and dark place at 21 ° C or less
Manufacturer: MAMANO (Coataro Co., Ltd.)
3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Akasaka Floral Plaza Building 1st floor
Best-by date: 6 months from the date of manufacture


Crispy chocolate recipe with drops




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