[Chocolate comparing eating 3 kinds of raw strawberries] A new White D – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Chocolate comparing eating 3 kinds of raw strawberries] A new White Day product has been released from the chocolate shop MAMANO.

Only a few days until White Day!

Why don't you give MAMANO chocolate using alibaca cao, which is handmade one by one with passion in Akasaka? ^^

We also have a lot of new works ☆


-Bonbon chocolate "Strawberry Fantasy" where you can eat and compare 3 kinds of raw strawberries

It is a dish that you can luxuriously eat and compare 3 kinds of raw strawberries with bonbon chocolate.
There are three types of strawberries used: Skyberry, Amaou, and Saga Honoka.

It is a two-layer bonbon chocolate with a fresh jelly using raw strawberry and a ganache using rare aliba chocolate and strawberry puree. As soon as you put it in your mouth, the fresh raw strawberry jelly and the fruity strawberry ganache meet and the spring strawberry spreads in your mouth.

It is a chocolate that you can enjoy the world of strawberries and aliba chocolate that you have never tasted before.



-The best melting raw chocolate "Sakura Franboise"

The best match is Sakura's original spring aroma and the floral finish of Ariba chocolate.
The refreshing acidity of Franboise powder adds to the springiness.
A dish that lets you feel the news of spring in a marriage with Ariba chocolate.

■ Product price
Strawberry fantasy 3 pieces 1,482 yen (excluding tax)
→ http://mamano-chocolate.com/?pid=99695446
Strawberry fantasy 6 pieces 2,732 yen (excluding tax)

Sakura Franboise 6 pieces 1,510 yen (excluding tax)
→ http://mamano-chocolate.com/?pid=99695863

Sakura Franboise 10 pieces 2,362 yen (excluding tax)


10 kinds of spring assortment


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