[Released on 7/11 (Wednesday) WEB only] Renewal of the package of Mama – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Released on 7/11 (Wednesday) WEB only] Renewal of the package of Mamanoka Cacao Tablet Tablets! Modeled on a Quechua girl.

Mamanoka Cacao Tablet 70% Dark Ariva National Ecuador Package Renewal.

New package


The new package is Mamano's cacao producing areaEcuadorian Quechua peopleI modeled the girl. The same girl is drawn on the handbag that has been used since the company was founded.


For illustrations that cherish the earthWe will carefully protect the nature of the earth in order to create delicious chocolateI put the meaning.

In this package, three indicators express the basic taste of chocolate.

  • bitterness
  • Milky
  • Tongue

Items such as production area, variety, farming method, etc. are also shown, so we hope that you can refer to them when selecting products.


On the backMamano'sThe process from commitment and cacao to chocolateWas described.
I hope you can enjoy Mamano's world view while eating chocolate.


Limited sale at the WEB shop from 11:00 on 7/11 (Wednesday)!

→ http://shop.mamano-chocolate.com/


Please wait for a while for the sale at the store.

We look forward to delivering it to you.