[September only] [Akasaka Sakas store only] Chestnut-exhausted chocola – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[September only] [Akasaka Sakas store only] Chestnut-exhausted chocolate shaved ice x parfait "Chocolate Snow Mountain Mont Blanc Special"

[September only] [Akasaka Sakas store only]
Chestnut-filled chocolate shaved ice x parfait "Chocolate Snow Mountain Mont Blanc Special"


September 14 (water) to September 30 (sat)Beautiful body by MAMANO Chocolate Akasaka Sacas store only,
Chestnut-filled chocolate shaved ice"Chocolate Snow Mountain Montblanc Special" 1,000 yen(Tax included) will be released as a new product limited to September.

What kind of product?

The new chocolate shaved ice parfait that you can enjoy plenty of autumn taste is
Marron paste from Mt. Aso, Kumamoto and simmered Tanzawa chestnut in astringent skinuse.

In order from the bottomChocolate sponge, crispy fiantine, Montblanc cream, astringent skin marron, chocolate shaved ice, Montblanc cream, chocolate sauce, astringent skin marronIt is layered with gold powder and finished gorgeously.

The shaved ice may be a little cold ...?

MAMANO's chocolate shaved ice does not use any water and has a very high proportion of chocolate.

My head isn't keen,You can enjoy it deliciously even on a cool dayI am making it like this.

Please come to the MAMANO Akasaka Sakas store where you can feel the season of alibaka cacao and chestnuts.

 Weekdays from 11:00 to 22:00
 Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00
 Sundays and holidays
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