MAMANO's world's best cacao "Christmas limited raw chocolate cake" res – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

MAMANO's world's best cacao "Christmas limited raw chocolate cake" reservation frame remaining 20 units !!


It's finally Christmas10thI cut it.

MAMANO is also in full swing during the Christmas season, so while decorating the store,
We are busy preparing for Christmas and preparing for the display.



Limited to 100 Christmas 2017 limited raw chocolate cakes left and the number of reservations is20 units remaininghave become.

I don't know if we can prepare for sale on the day this year. By all means, those who are consideringWe recommend you to make an early reservationI will do it.






■ For those who are in doubt!
MAMANO's raw chocolate cake is a set with a hot chocolate for tasting"500 yen"We offer it at!

Hochoko is 490 yen for a single item, so it's a great deal!
You can choose from three flavors: bitter, sweet, and champagne.
Please try before making a reservation.

We are also selling various cut cakes from this week!


■ Moe is not the only champagne!
As for champagne cake, I use Moet's champagne generously and
We also use the finest champagne liqueur to make the scent stand out.

Other than champagne, "sweet" and "bitter" raw chocolate cakes do not contain any alcohol, so it is also recommended for children!


■ Dare to polish the raw chocolate cake!

Firmly emulsified raw chocolate is so glossy ♪
In order to bring out this luster, I am working with the concentration of my whole body.
Using the world's best cacao "Aliba cacao",
"Raw chocolate cake", which is almost raw chocolate that can only be eaten at MAMANO.
There are 20 more reservations.


There may not be sales on the day!
Please make a reservation now!

All the staff are looking forward to having a wonderful Christmas for you!