MAMANO's contract farmer direct delivery couverture chocolate "CACAOLE – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

MAMANO's contract farmer direct delivery couverture chocolate "CACAOLET DROPS" will be on sale [4/23 (Monday)]

Hello!This is MAMANO Ezawa.

Mamano's new products from April 23 (Monday)"CACAOLET DROPS"Will be sold.


■Product name
Arriba National from Ecuador

■ Price
120g bag containing 1970 yen including tax
* Equivalent to about 5 cups of MAMANO chocolate
* If you eat one tablet a day, you can have a snack for 60 to 120 days.

■ Will be offered by weight at the store
160 yen / 10g (120g or more only)

■ Product description
A package containing a lot of 1-grain couverture chocolate.
To express our commitment to cacao, we named it "cacao let" instead of chocolate.

"Drops" is chocolate that is hardened by dripping chocolate like "drops".
I want to put a little bit of fine chocolate in my mouth! In case of such a situation, I made it a package that is easy to carry.
Since 70% cacao, the satisfaction of one grain is enough!

Recently, I also carry it in my bag in the morning, noon, and night, and always put it next to my computer.
Because each grain is small (because of its large surface area), it dissolves more easily in milk and cream than chocolate bar, making it ideal for making sweets.

Please use it as a material for making hot chocolate or chocolate at home.
It is also recommended to mix it with cookies and scones and bake it!

"Characteristics of cacao let"
・ Nature A rank A rank that can only be obtained at 2% in the world, grown by natural farming (pesticide-free) in the Amazon of Ecuador.I only use Alibaba cacao
・ Imported by air so as not to oxidize direct trade with local farm associations
・Additives, coloring materials, and synthetic compounds are not used
・ No alcohol used
・ No dairy products or animal foods (vegan compatible)

"Hot chocolate with cacao let drops"
Enjoy MAMANO chocolate drinks at home!

1. Warm 135g of milk until just before boiling and turn off the heat.
2. Put cacao let drops in 25g milk
3. Add sugar as you like (about 0-5g)
4. Mix well with a mini whipper
5. Pour into a cup and it's done

Before going to bed at night, it is recommended to reduce the amount of chocolate with a large amount of milk to avoid caffeine.
After having breakfast in the morning, add more cocoalet drops and add dark bitter hot chocolate without sugar.
I would be grateful if you could use it as a source of energy every day.


# Everyday, real chocolate