Ecuador's cacao plantation status & new product information. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Ecuador's cacao plantation status & new product information.

This is MAMANO Ezawa.

This week, Tokyo also exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, and there was a very hot day.
It's raining today and it's difficult to manage your physical condition, but let's survive!

Now, I would like to inform you about the recent status of MAMANO.

● Local Ecuador information

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Alibaba cacao that has finished the harvest season,
The other day from Amazon (Napo region) in Ecuador
We shipped it to a chocolate factory in the capital, Quito.

When transporting cacao to the factory, carry it in a large jute bag.
After harvesting, the cacao gives off a strong lychee-like aroma.
s-Sack_Winak (1)The chocolate offered by MAMANO has a sour taste.
It comes from the acidity of the cocoa nuts in this cocoa pod.

The actual real cacao pods are also available at the Akasaka Mitsuke main store.
I hope you will take a look.

● About new products and product renewals

To maximize the characteristics of Alibaba cacao
We are doing a major recipe renewal.

the other day,New raw chocolateIs now available,
More than today6 kinds of bonbon chocolateWe will resume sales.
Ariba chocolate mousse cakeIs also newly available.


We hope that you will be more pleased with Ariva Chocolate.
We will continue to devote ourselves every day.

Around this time, the temperature of day and night was great.
Please take proper measures and love yourself.