Start to reserve Valentine's products !! We recommend that you order a – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Start to reserve Valentine's products !! We recommend that you order and reserve as soon as possible because it is expected to be crowded just before.

About advance payment (reservation)

Salon de Chocolat has also opened in Shinjuku, and I think many people are worried about what kind of chocolate to buy for Valentine's Day!
At Mamano, chocolate reservations and advance payments (reservation)Is possible.

Before Valentine's Day, products are sold out and waiting time for those who purchase on the day occurs every year. (I'm sorry···)


In order to smoothly deliver the product you want to purchaseAdvance payment (reservation)We recommend.

Customers who have already paid and have been requested to reserve will also be on the dayWithout having to line upWe will be able to deliver it smoothly, so we hope you will take advantage of it.

There are two payment methods in advance.

One is to pay at the store, and the second is to pay at the online shop and select "Receive at store".

↓ Click here for Mamano online shop


About reserve (payment on the day)

We accept payment on the day of payment, but you need to line up at the cash register on the day like other customers.


About shipping

Online shop order acceptance will end on 2/2 (Sat)did.

We received a lot more orders than expected, and the online shop will be closed earlier than originally planned.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Akasaka Mitsuke store, Tobu IkebukuroThere are products in.

also,Delivery reception at the store is 2/11 (Monday)We accept up to.

We sincerely look forward to your use.