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Notice of Valentine's special business hours





This is Uemu from Mamano staff.


It seems like yesterday that I was saying "Happy New Year", but it was early.January is already over.

Valentine's Day is finally here next month!


Today we will inform you about the business hours of Valentine's Day!

2moon9day(soil)  11Time~20Time

2moon10day(day)  11Time~20Time

2moon11day(moon)  11Time~20Time

2moon12day(fire)  11Time~22Time

2moon13day(water)  11Time~22Time

2moon14day(Wood)  9Time~23Time

2moon15day(gold)  9Time~23Time


The bold part is the change!


To prepare for Valentine's Day on holidays, before the end of work on weekdays or going to work,

We are waiting for you to extend our business hours so that we can respond to your "want to stop by"!


In addition, there may be a queue for entering the store around Valentine's Day every year (thank you from the bottom of my heart), but customers who have reserved in advance will not be lined up. I will hand it over…!

* Please note that if you wish to pay on the day, you will be lined up in the queue for entering the store.

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I hope we can deliver delicious chocolates to many customers this year as well ...!