Japan's first beef stew from Alibaba is now on sale !! It will be offe – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Japan's first beef stew from Alibaba is now on sale !! It will be offered with 1 coin until November 18th (Friday) !!


Limited time1 coin of 500 yenProvided at!


* November 10th (Thursday) to November 18th (Friday)
(Starting from AM11: 00)
※20 meals a day limited
Do you know the traditional Mexican chocolate sauce "More"?
"More" as a traditional home-cooked dish in MexicoThere is a dish that you eat with chocolate sauce over chicken.
This time, MAMANO is the first in Japan to "more"While imagining the source
The finest Alibaba cacao, red wine, and domestic beef are simmered and finished.
We have developed "Alibaka Kao Beef Stew".
Not a little chocolate as a secret ingredient,
You can enjoy the fruitiness and acidity of Alibaba cacao by boiling it.
It is a superb beef stew that is unbearable for Alibaba cacao fans.
Plenty of cacao polyphenols for good healthIt is also excellent for beauty.
During the new release campaign, the first 20 cups will be available, soPlease try it as soon as possible.
* Both eat-in and take-out are possible

■ Chocolatier sticking points

The balance between the umami and sweetness of Alibaba cacao.
If you add too much, it will become sweetIf you don't add enough amount, you can't feel Alibaba cacao. .. ..
Repeated trial production dozens of times,The finished Alibaba cacao beef stew.
You can choose pasta and rice according to your mood.
As a side dish, lightly pickled cabbage is included as a set.
Please enjoy it!