[Limited time offer] Alibakakao x Strawberry God's raw chocolate is no – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Limited time offer] Alibakakao x Strawberry God's raw chocolate is now available.

Merry Christmas♪


Strawberry pavé chocolate

A new chocolate will appear at Christmas.

It is a raw chocolate that you can feel the freshness of strawberries on the whole while using the scent of Alibaba cacao as a base.

No additives, fragrances, preservatives or alcoholTherefore, even those who are not good at drinking and children can enjoy it with confidence.

You can feel the strawberries before you eat them, and you can feel the freshness of the strawberries from the moment you eat them.

Along the way, the faint bitterness of alibaka cacao and the scent of flowers appear, and the aftertaste is as refreshing as after eating fruit.

How to enjoy

Expiration date is 10 daysis.

If you store it in the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature a little before eating, you can enjoy it more deliciously with a smooth texture from the first bite.

Currently, it is not sold in the online shop, it is limited to stores!

Available separately, in 3 pieces, and in 6 pieces!

We look forward to your visit <(_ _)>


Food representation
Product name: God's raw chocolate strawberry 3 Name: Semi-chocolate Raw material name: Chocolate (cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa butter), strawberry, converted sugar, butter, raw cream, cocoa butter, powdered sugar, coloring agent (gold) : 3 pieces Storage method: Refrigerate at 10 ℃ or less Manufacturer: Cocoa Butter Co., Ltd. 3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Expiration date: 10 days from manufacture