[Notice of start of business at midnight] From today, we will be open – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Notice of start of business at midnight] From today, we will be open until 2:00 midnight on weekdays.

Unfortunately, the rainy season continues, but how are you all doing?
At MAMANO, even on such a day, we will bring a smile to everyone from a bit of chocolate.


New work "best raw chocolate"

We will start midnight business until 2 o'clock!

Akasaka, where the MAMANO head office is located, is a city with many customers coming at night. For more convenient use
We have decided to change the business until 2 pm on weekdays.
At MAMANO, we aim to be a chocolate specialty store that is even more convenient, delicious, and available to everyone!

■ After change business hours
Weekdays:  11:00-26:00 (2:00 midnight)
Saturday: 11: 00-20: 00
Sundays and holidays: Regular holiday

For corporate customers as a souvenir for dinner or drinking.
Please use MAMANO chocolate with a story in a new style.

(* Please note that Sunday is a regular holiday because it will be open late at night.)

Online shop Orders made by the morning can be shipped on the same day!

At the MAMANO online shop, we have traditionally accepted shipments the next day and deliver them two days later.

For customers who place an order by the morning of the day, please tell us "I want to ship today" in the remarks column.

We have decided to prepare for shipping within the day.

This makes it possible to deliver to most areas of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu the next day.

From MAMANO, which has become even more convenient and delicious
We will bring smiles to everyone with chocolate!