MAMANO, a chocolate shop in Akasaka, has released a new chocolate "God – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

MAMANO, a chocolate shop in Akasaka, has released a new chocolate "God's Chocolate Protect" that has passed the exam. Limited time offer from Tuesday, January 10th.

"God's chocolate protection"


Chocolat that passed the examNew release of "God's Chocolate Protection".

MAMANO chocolateUeda from Kumamoto who ate and passed the exam the day before the University of Tokyo examCollaborative development with.

The original cacao species "Aliba cacao = God's chocolate", which was born 5000 years ago and can only be eaten at MAMANO in Japan, has been made into amulet chocolate. We will support the students with God's chocolate!



70% Alibaba cacao, easy-to-eat bite-sized chocolate. Two flavors, plain and mint, are included in the package. Plain when you want to get rid of tiredness, mint when you want to wake up and feel crisp ... Please enjoy as you like. The package is designed with "blooming cherry blossoms", and you can put it on your desk to always increase your feelings of passing.


  • Aroma scent, healing effect with cocoa butter melting in the mouth

For chocolate"aroma"The scent of and melts on your tongue"Cacao butter"Has a double healing effect. Not only tirednessThe effect of improving concentration by relaxingThere is also.


  • Activates the brain with a small amount of sugar

By ingesting sugarSupplying energy to the braincan. However, be careful not to take too much sugar. At that time, if it is a chocolate protection of the god of "cacao 70%",Ingest sugar with moderate sweetnessI can do it.

  • Theobromine improves concentration, memory, and thinking

TheobromineHas the effect of stimulating the cerebral cortex of the brain,Improve concentration, memory, and thinkingCan be expected.


  •  Anti-aging and skin-beautifying effects with polyphenols

In addition, high cocoa chocolate is rich in polyphenols.

While studying hard, you can prevent rust on your body and maintain beautiful skin.


Contents / Price

Price: 777 yen (tax included) with 30g


■ Ueda-kun




Message from Ueda-kun

■ Experience story
Be sure to pass the University of Tokyo. I swore so, and I was a ronin in Kumamoto. When I come to Tokyo, I am overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the big city, albeit for the second time. So I headed to the chocolate shop in Akasaka, which is the only connection between me and Tokyo.

As a chocolate lover, I was impressed by eating "MAMANO's raw chocolate" as a souvenir from Tokyo. When I ate this, I got the kindness that Tokyo welcomed me and the feeling of "God!".

Thanks to that, I was able to calmly hope for the next day's exam and pass it safely.
■ Reasons to recommend MAMANO
There are three recommended points in Alibaba Cacao!
The first is that cocoa mass contains the only energy source (glucose) in the brain.

The second is that theobromine (a caffeine companion) can adjust the autonomic nerves and relax while improving concentration and thinking ability.

Thirdly, because it is aliba cacao and does not contain extra synthetic seasonings, it is rich in these ingredients. From the above three points, if you eat one grain, the scent of cacao will remain in your mouth, and we recommend this chocolate that you can concentrate without feeling lonely!