We have prepared "Original Tensai Syrup" made from unrefined Tensai su – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

We have prepared "Original Tensai Syrup" made from unrefined Tensai sugar.

Tensai syrup

All of MAMANO's cafe menus are made with modest sweetness.
Chocolate made from real Alibaba cacaoThe sweetness of sugar will cover the scent of cacao when you enjoy it.

We offer recipes that allow you to enjoy the scent of cacao with as little sweetness as possible, but each person has a different taste for sweetness. I'm sure there are some customers who say, "The sweetness isn't enough ..."At MAMANO, you can freely add syrup to your hands.We have prepared!

"Hokkaido unrefined sugar syrup"is.

Sugar radish (tensai sugar / BEET / Hokkaido / non-genetically modified)The syrup made fromGently spreading sweetness and mild richnessIs a feature. Please use it according to your preference ☆


Question corner

Q1. What is the GI value of Tensai sugar?

→ The GI value (the speed at which the blood sugar level rises) is about 65.

Q2. Does Tensai sugar warm the body?

→ Since sugar cane is mainly produced in a warm place and sugar cane is produced in a cool place, it is not unthinkable that the foods harvested in nature and the area have an effect. (Sugar cane cools the body, sugar cane warms the body, etc.)

However, MAMANO CHOCOLATE does not currently adopt the above criteria for sugar use.

Q3. Is unrefined sugar sugar more nutritious than white sugar?

→ It's a little expensive. Contains minerals and oligosaccharides.


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Harvested sugar beet crop root pile on the ground, selective focus