How To: How to earn points in reviews to the MAMANO online shop – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

How To: How to earn points in reviews to the MAMANO online shop

[What is a review post? ]

MAMANO CHOCOLATE online shopThen, every time you post a review for each product100 pointsWe are giving you a present.

The points earned will be used at the next online shop.1 point = 1 yen when orderingYou can use it as!

Points cannot be awarded without registering as a memberPlease note that. )

For a luxurious tea time
The moment you open the box, each grain is like a jewel box that makes you feel happy. I had you taste it one by one. All the products in this shop have a very rich cacao scent and have become my favorites.

Adult taste! !!
With 70% cacao, it is a very rich and satisfying chocolate even on a small tablet. It was a delicious chocolate with a bitter taste and an adult taste that I think that good cacao is used.


[Customers like this should post a review]

  • Customers who have ever eaten MAMANO CHOCOLATE products
  • Those who are going to order the online shop from now on

It is advantageous to use the online shop after posting a review, so please take advantage of it.
In addition, all the staff are very happy to receive direct feedback from customers, and we will use it as a reference for making even better products.

If you have time, please give us a review.


[How to post a review]

1. 1. Click "Post Review" under the "Add to Cart" button on the product details page
2. Post a review after registering as a member (login)

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