Notice of the start of MAMANO "Adult Chocolate Time". Open until 26:00 – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Notice of the start of MAMANO "Adult Chocolate Time". Open until 26:00 on weekdays!


MAMANO (Chocolate Co., Ltd./Representative Director: Kotaro Ezawa / Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), a chocolate shop specializing in ultra-rare alibaca cacao, has been open from July to 26:00 on weekdays under the name of "adult chocolate time". I did.

In Akasaka, you can enjoy a variety of Ariba cacao chocolates, which is the highest in the world and is the only one in Japan that is handled only by MAMANO. It is intended to be used as a souvenir for clubs and dinners, as a souvenir for chocolate shaved ice on the way home from drinking parties, and as a souvenir for chocolate frozen families.
Please enjoy the blissful time at MAMANO "Adult Chocolate Time" where only adults gather.

■ Business hours after the start of adult chocolate time
11:00-26:00 on weekdays
Saturday 11: 00-20: 00
Sundays and holidays

■ Introduction of new summer works
"Moose Ariva 70%"
Underneath the mousse cake is a mousse cake with a smooth and light texture, with chocolate dough, white mousse, Ariva chocolate mousse, and finally chocolate grasage. Golden cacao is on the top, and it is a dish that you can enjoy crisply at the end. 450 yen per piece (tax included)

"God's Bonbon Chocolat 6 Kinds 2016"
Alibaba 70% bonbon chocolate.
We have renewed it with the intention of making the best use of the fruity acidity and gorgeous scent of Ariva.

Alibaba Bitter: 70% Alibaba Ganache
Kagoshima Salt: Ganache with salt from Yoron Island to clarify the outline of the taste
Palm nectar: Coconut nectar and rich ganache
Okinawa acerola: acerola jelly and two layers of sweet and sour ganache
Snow Country Passion: Two layers of sharp and sour ganache with jelly
Akasaka Hojicha: Gentle ganache to take a break
350 yen per piece (tax included)