Notice of discontinued products in the fall of MAMANO2016. – MAMANO CHOCOLATE

Notice of discontinued products in the fall of MAMANO2016.


Good evening, this is Ezawa, the representative of MAMANO.

now,Major changes to the autumn / winter menuWe are doing.

From exciting new products, chocolates that are particular about Ariva, to the combination of the world's best ingredients and Ariva, chocolates that you can enjoy instead of mealsUntil then, we are making prototypes one after another. I want to make a prototype this morning and give it to customers immediately! !! I want you to eat! !! !! I have a product that I think. We will be able to officially announce it in a little while, so please wait for a while.

On the other hand, some products will disappear in September.
Customers who always like this product and come to the store come to mind, and it is very painful, but please understand.

The products that have been discontinued and are scheduled to be discontinued are as follows.

■ Ice
Raw ice cream ... finished

■ Bonbon Chocolat
All types, limited to stock ... End

■ Akasaka card chocolate (chocolate bar)
Blessings of orange, brown sugar from Tanegashima, freshly ground Hida Sansho ... Scheduled to end in September


In-store video distribution of the inside of the chocolate factory has started ☆

I will show you the whole manufacturing process ♪