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[Sat.ーSun. and National Holidays ]

[Shop Holidays] Only during New Year holidays


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From 2018.11.01,  The beverage menu is available only from 11 AM to 5 PM.




MAMANO Akasakamitsuke
〒107-0052 Akasaka Floral Plaza 1F, 3Chome-8-8, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
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Please feel free to call if you get lost.

※MAMANODRINK is also in the same building.(10 sec walking)



・2 min walking from belleVie Exit at Akasakmitsuke Sta.(Marunouchi Line & Ginza Line)
・7 min walking from Akasaka Sta.(Chiyoda Line)
・7 min walking from Tameikesanno Sta.(Ginza Line・Nanboku Line)
・7 min waliking from Nagatacho Sta.(Yurakucho Line・Hanzomon Line・Nanboku Line)



How to come from Akasakamituke Sta.(2 min walking. )

1. Got off at Akasakamitsuke Sta. and head to「赤坂見附方面改札」.

You will see a sign reading「外堀通方面 赤坂方面」.

2. After going through 「赤坂見附方面改札」, turn left and go up the escalator at the Exit 10.

3. Turning right, you will be at 「エスプラナード赤坂商店街」

You can immediately see a cake shop named Cozy Corner, then turn left

4. After 10 sec walking, you will find MacDonald on your left and Oreno-French&Italian on your right.
Please keep going straight.

5. After 30 more sec of walking, you will see a pharmacy and a rice ball shop named Onigiri-Gonbei on your left.

6. Next to Onigiri-Gonbei, you can finally find MAMANO.(at the first floor of「赤坂フローラルプラザ」, a building made of red-bricks.)

You can see these photos on our Facebook album.

MAMANO photos(Access)→


How to come from Akasaka Sta.  and Akasaka Sakasu (About 7 min walking)

1. Get out of Akasaka Sta. from Exit 1, which is 1 min walking from Akasaka Sakasu.  It is in front of a tall building named Akasaka BIZ Tower.

You can see an Excelsior cafe.

2. Turn left and continue walking about 100m in the direction of 「カラオケ館」.

3. At the corner of「カラオケ館」, turn right.

4. After 50m walking ,  you will walk past 「PASSAGE」and turn left.

5. After another 100m walking, you will see a convenience store named Thanks on your right.

6. Keep going straight for about 30m, you fill find a building made of a red-bricks

7. MAMANO is on the first floor.