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Chocolates were called the “Food for God” because thousands of years ago, chocolates were the precious food offered to God.
The Arriba cacaos MAMANO buy and use are produced via natural farming methods in Ecuador, which is  the cacao’s birth place.  We can assume that the very rare Arriba cacaos are worth being called  “Food for God”.

MAMANO, the world’s first and only Arriba cacao store, was established to share the happiest and richest moment when you enjoy “Chocolate for God” made from the Arriba cacaos.


4Photo: CEO Ezawa exchanging MAMANO chocolates for Arriba cacaos with local farmers



We find two different meanings in MAMA(=MOTHER)
The first one is to represent the Arriba cacao is the original kind of cacaos.

Being the original kind means that every single cacao on the earth started from the Arriba cacao. 

We wish the Arriba cacao to be motherhood of all cacaos by naming our name MAMA.


The second one is  to express that about 70% of the members of the local association, MAMANO’s partner are women.
There are also many female farmers.

MANO(=HAND in Spanish) represents the image of a female farmer having cacaos, which she grow with love, in her hands.  Our logo mark also represents this image.







Arriba cacao is rare kind of cacao. which is said to be similar to the original kind of  cacao.  Its production only accounts for 2% of overall cacao production in the world.  It is native to Ecuador and producing it in the other countries is said to be impossible. 



The 90% of cacao beans produced all over the world is a kind called Forastero.

It is mainly produced in plantations in ex-Europian-colony East African countroes, such as Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria.

Cacaos are odriginated in the Amazon and brought to  Africa.  After repeating improvement of the breeds, cacao became to have more productivity but gained the bitterness and lost its flavor. 36

The characteristic of Arriba cacao is its floral flavor.

On the other hand, it it vulnerable to diseases.  The crop damage in 1920, it experienced awful harm.

After that, many producers of Arriba cacao starter to produce hybrid kind, which is  less-flavored but high in productivity.  Due to its lack in flavor, the value of cacao went lower.

Today, the pure kind, Arriba cacao is attracting the attentions.

In fact, however, most of Arriba cacaos packaged and sold as the genuine (nacional), contains hybrid kind of cacaos, which can be produced more cheaply and efficiently.



MAMANO uses only Arriba cacaos produced and distributed by trustable groups, that is cacaos under the traceability and make chocolates with rich flavor.  In conventional distribution via brokers, it was difficult to exclude the hybrid cacaos.

We directly buy an import Arriba cacaos only from local associations which we cooperate to use making MAMANO’s chocolates.



Our partner, the association in Ecuador produce Arriba cacaos, whose origin is in Amazon, in the rainforest of Amazon using the perfect natural farming method without using any agricultural chemicals.  We chose Chakra farming method, where we grow cacaos with other fruits and crops and in the naturally made shade in the forest.  We are doing sustainable farming by doing this and help keep the ecosystem in Amazon.




The characteristics of our partnershipped association are that they have the check-system of shipping only pure Arriba cacaos and that they are doing activity to improve the quality of cacaos as a group.  Adopting traditional farming method, they protect the environment, but take new intelligence and arts in order ti realize sustainable growth in the future.

They try to protect biodiversity in Amazon and realize the sustainable growth og the community.  They return all of their benefits to the members, and the members do protect the forests, and aim to become independent as a whole community.  We are doing the FAIR TRADE which connects the past to the future.

Photo: Our partners

MAMANO uses such strictly selected Arriba cacaos and offer chocolates rich in flavor.  One chocolates can actually help the sustainable groeth of local farmers and the Amazon area.

This video below is taken 2015, when CEO Ezawa visited the local farm in Ecuador.

You can check the video taken when we are interviewed by NIKKEI by clicking the link below.
赤坂とアマゾン カカオがつなぐ友情【日本経済新聞】


Our chocolate made from Arriba cacao are made with such many commitment.  Of course, you can enjoy our chocolate only at MAMANO.
How about having one piece that can make up your day?

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