Introducing Chef Chocolatier Homma – ママノチョコレート

Introducing Chef Chocolatier Homma

Hello, this is Yu Homma from Chef Chocolatier.

Thank you for visiting Mamano's website!

On this page, I would like to introduce myself and let you know what kind of maker Mamano chocolate is made by.



Born in Tokyo and raised in Saitama. From the age of 19, he jumped into the world of pastry chefs inexperienced, gained experience in various fields such as patisserie, hotel, chocolatier, and experienced learning and joy, sometimes suffering and conflict that can only be experienced in that environment, and from 2019 Mama I am a chef chocolatier of Nochocolate.

When I tasted 73% of the drops at the shop, the reason why I entered Mamano Chocolate was that the alibaca cocoa, which has a strong wild taste but a delicate aroma, is shockingly delicious, and I felt the great potential as a material. As a craftsman, I was urged to make various sweets with this one-of-a-kind chocolate.

My favorite things are whiskey, traveling and snowboarding, and recently I'm addicted to canoeing.It's completely my taste that many of Mamano's new products use or go well with alcohol (laughs). I often get inspiration from what I think is delicious and what I want to eat, but I am careful not to over-bias the lineup.


What is important in making products

The important thing in making products isFace the materials and producers firmly and have a good understanding with respect... Then, clarify what you want to express and what you want to convey to your customers.

The material has various expressions. It is full of the creator's feelings.I think that it is my role to convey to everyone through the products in a way that only I can do, and I can do it.

There are two ways to choose the material, one is to search for the material that has the taste you want from your own inspiration, and the other is to unexpectedly encounter wonderful materials during your trip or through introductions.

What is common to both in terms of selectionIs there something that is not just delicious, but something that will move your heart?I think that it is very important to say.

In today's world full of goods and information, there is a wide range of choices from pin to sharp, even with the same material, but the price and quality are exactly the same, but first of all, look for domestic products.

Alibaba cacao cannot provide domestic products, but since I was born in Japan and make chocolate in Japan, I think that there is no way not to use materials that are also made in Japan and have outstanding freshness. ..

In some cases, items that cannot be obtained due to climatic conditions, etc., or items that have a short history and are clearly overseas are superior. In that case, we will use them with respect as well as domestic products. Although it is not well known even in Japan and is not well known to people, you may come across the finest materials produced by wonderful makers.

If you have been involved in the industry for a long time, you tend to get caught up in the prejudice that this material is the best, but by getting rid of it and grasping it with your own sense, you can make it a material you really want. I think we can meet.

Most of these materials are created by the passion of the wonderful creators, and by interacting with them and getting to know the backbone deeply, they become more attached to the materials and determine the true goodness of the materials. I feel that it will also lead to the use of it.


About the characteristics of Alibaba cacao

Here, I would like to explain the characteristics of Alibaca Kao, which is the crystal of Mamano's insistence, in my own interpretation.

Alibaba cacao (Directly by air from Ecuador) from the moment it is openedFragrant nutty scentbut,Slight acid scentIt spreads abundantly with. Mamano's chocolate studio is wrapped in this pleasant scent from the moment you enter. If you stay in the studio for a day, this scent will permeate your body and clothes, and you can enjoy the scent of chocolate even after returning home.

When you put it in your mouth, the flavor does not rise easily at first. This is because Mamano chocolate contains very little or no emulsifying ingredient lecithin.

Lecithin works to improve melting in the mouth, so the starting point for feeling the flavor is quicker, but I think it also has the side effect of masking the flavorful part.

Mamano chocolateThe start is gentle, it opens explosively at a certain timing, and the lingering sound is long.It is made like this.

First of all, a gorgeous flower-like scent expressed as floral and a fruity feeling with a fresh acidity like lychee.It gradually changes to a nutty aroma and red fruit, and finally a concentrated fruit like raisins and a heavy astringent finish like red wine.It resonates for a long time.

The secret to the change in flavor and taste is that the light flavor first opens and then the heavier flavor slowly opens. And, of course, Ecuador's Alibaba cacao is originally of high quality, and it is the result of Mamano's efforts to give top priority to quality in all aspects of cacao growth, manufacturing method, storage, and transportation. We bring out all the wonderful flavors that cacao originally has, pack it into products without scraping it, and deliver it to our customers. That is Mamano's commitment.

73% chocolate is the easiest to capture the above-mentioned various characteristics, and it becomes easier to capture the characteristics of heavy flavor as the cacao content (%) increases and light flavor as the ratio of cacao decreases.

In addition, Mamano chocolate is limited to regions and farmers, and because it is produced in small quantities, various flavor changes other than the above characteristics can be felt for each batch.

It is a proof that cacao is also a fruit and lives with a lot of the blessings of nature, just as fruits change in taste due to climate change every year. And I think that it is Mamano's important duty to make sure that the taste is made in response to this change, and to protect the environment and continue to convey this wonderfulness for a long time.


I want you to feel free to enjoy chocolate

So far, I wrote something difficult, but chocolate is basically a luxury item, and I hope you enjoy it casually. You can enjoy it without thinking about it by taking a break from work, or you can face it firmly during the holidays to explore the flavor and backbone. I love playing outside, so I love snowboarding and canoeing. I love chocolates to enjoy at break time!

However, it is also true that Mamano's products have detailed explanations on storage temperature and how to eat, which is the most delicious taste we think, including the feelings of the creator of the material, for the taste you want to convey. It's because I'm very particular about it, so I'd be happy if you could enjoy it on this street first!

We welcome you to enjoy it as you like!At Mamano, we aim to make chocolates with a deep nostalgia that match each way of enjoying in various situations.There is no correct answer, and it is natural that there are many ways to enjoy 10 people and 10 colors.I would like you to tell us your favorite way to eat!

I usually make chocolates at the Ome workshop, so I don't have many opportunities to talk to you at the Akasaka store, but I read all the voices I received and use them as my daily vitality. increase!

If you have any comments or requests for new products, even from product reviews or inquiries on our website, please feel free to send us a message. Thank you for visiting us so far!


Chef Chocolatier
Yusaku Homma