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We are a rare Alibaba cacao specialty store that produces only 2% in the world.

By directly partnering with farmers and unions in the Amazon region of Ecuador, we purchase the highest quality fine inflator cacao "Ariva National" without compromise in all processes such as variety, farming and transportation.

The representative himself goes to the site and builds a win-win relationship with the producer by building a long-term relationship with the farmer / union."Creating an earth full of smiles with chocolate"Raise thatI am active.


Future plans (changed)

  • February 2021 Shinjuku Isetan Valentine special event opening

Member composition (as of November 2020)

4 borderless members


How to run a team (company)

  • Disclosure of almost all management information
  • Monthly disclosure of PL, BS, CF
  • No quota (plans, goals)
  • Employment forms are full-time employees, contract employees, outsourcing, part-time jobs, remote work, free side jobs
  • Pursuing efficient work using Gsuite, Slack, Asana, etc.
  • Shift system, 9th month holiday, 3rd summer vacation, 3rd year-end and New Year holidays (5th holiday)
  • Environment where 100% paid digestion is recommended
  • An environment where you can flexibly have the desired work or role
  • Semi-annual salary increase system
  • Chocolate, books, seminars that can be used freely up to 5,000 yen a month
  • Social system
  • Sideline can
  • Participation in contests and study sessions is recommended (regular employees who work 3 times a week for the contest in April-October and 5 times a week in November-March are also possible)


Recruiting roles / jobs

  • Store charge (customer service sales) that brings smiles to customers at the Akasaka Mitsuke store
  • In charge of manufacturing chocolate and chocolate confectionery (chocolatier)
  • In charge of chocolate development for overseas contests (chocolatier)
  • Manufacture of the bean to bar section
  • In charge of quality improvement such as storage method, hygiene education, HACCP introduction, etc.
  • In charge of packaging operations at the newly established Ome Kobo
  • In charge of logistics construction in Ome and Akasaka
  • Ginza store opening charge (concept creation, flow line creation, member recruitment and team creation, interaction with designers, financial adjustment, business hours decision and announcement on blog SNS,)
  • Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store Renovation Project (Issues for designers to block the sunlight, current situation, ideas, actual design, construction, price negotiation, application to the real estate side and coordination with the store when to implement it, etc.)
  • Creating a company structure that is unique to MAMANO CHOCOLATE
  • Person in charge of specific response to the latest Food Sanitation Law (introduction of nutrition analysis software, administrative response and equipment examination to always realize adaptive food labeling, coordination with package design staff, coordination with packaging staff, etc.)
  • Public relations, PR charge
  • Display, prop stylist
  • In charge of taking photos, taking and creating videos
  • In charge of launching and managing the workshop
  • Improving the productivity and quality of Alibaba cocoa on Ecuadorian cocoa plantations
  • Setting our own standards to replace the organic certification system and fair trade certification system
  • Research and blogging on cocoa and chocolate abroad (mainly English, Spanish and French)
  • Video and video creators
  • Illustrator, Animator


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We are not currently accepting applications.


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info Please send your resume and resume with a photo to mamano-chocolate.com.You can attach a PDF, etc.

2. Apply by mail
3-8-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Akasaka Floral Plaza 1st floor
To MAMANO recruitment staff

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