Store member recruitment briefing session – ママノチョコレート

Store member recruitment briefing session

(As of June 26, 2019)

MAMANO will open the Ginza store around June 2020.

The Ginza store will be about 9 tsubo and will have about 5 seats.

After the opening of the Ginza store, there will be two stores with the founding store, Akasaka Mitsuke.


From the fall of 2019 to the spring of 2020, we are looking for 3 full-time store members. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you could talk using the information session application form below or a casual interview.



Those who fit MAMANO

  • Those who love chocolate
  • Those who are obsessed with the charm of cacao
  • Those who love customer service
  • Those who like to work on their own initiative


Even though they are store members, they often have various occupations.

  • workshop
  • SNS use
  • In-store display and POP creation
  • Community management

It is also possible to do more and more interesting work in the direction of mastering customer service, which is the basis of the store, and other than that.

Interview location: Akasaka Mitsuke store area


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