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Organic Top Cocoa

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Brand introduction

short version: Organic Alibaba cacao specialty store

long version: Founded in 2013 in Akasaka Mitsuke, Tokyo as Japan's first "Alibaka cocoa specialty store". Only the best quality beans are selected from organic agroforestry farming organic alibaca cacao in the Napo region of Ecuador and imported by direct trade. While building long-term relationships with farmers, we carefully manufacture and sell chocolates with a gorgeous scent one by one by the hands of chocolatiers.

Representative Profile: Kotaro Ezawa Born in 1986. After working as a web director at an IT venture, he launched the NPO TEAM Challenge. Work on activities such as reconstruction support for Minamisanriku and mountain climbing for diversity Fuji. After a training period of about one year, he founded Kotaro Co., Ltd. and launched MAMANO CHOCOLATE in 2013.

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#mamanochocolate #Mamano Chocolate #Alibacao

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