Sales staff (permanent employee / part-time job)

* We are not currently recruiting. (August 1, 2021)

Job Description

  • Store management of Mamano Chocolate Main Store in Akasaka Mitsuke
    • Sales, display, cashier management
    • Creating store pops, etc.
  • Maintenance of logistics with the workshop
  • Chocolate packaging work at Ome Kobo

There are members who are taking on various challenges as well as store management operations!

  • Sales staff × Product design
  • Sales staff x store design
  • Sales staff × Accounting business
  • Sales staff × SNS / e-mail newsletter operation

Required ability

  • Those who like chocolate and customer service and want to see the happy faces of their customers
  • Those who can sympathize with the idea of Mamano Chocolate
  • Those who can deal with customers and chocolate with an inquisitive mind

Recruitment conditions and required abilities

full-time employee

  • Customer service experience 3 years or more 205,000 to 300,000 yen

part-time job

  • Inexperienced 1050 yen (long-term training hourly wage 100h 1020 yen) ~
  • Customer service experience 3 years or more 1100 yen ~ (long-term training hourly wage 100h 1020 yen) ~


Member composition (as of November 2020)

  • CEO 1
  • 3 borderless members
  • 1 project member
At Mamano, members who have only a specific role are called project members, and members who participate in outsourcing are called professional members.
There is no difference in occupation or employment form. Everyone is in constant contact and working together.

How to run a team (company)

  • Disclosure of 100% management information
  • No quota (plans, goals)
  • Employment forms are full-time employees, contract employees, outsourcing, part-time jobs, remote work, free side jobs
  • 1on1MTG once a week and overall MTG once a month
  • Utilize Gsuite, Slack, Asana, Trello, etc. for communication
  • Work style is free due to the modified labor system on the 9th of March, 3 days of summer vacation, 5 days of year-end and New Year holidays
  • Obtained by digestion 100%Is the recommended environment
  • An environment where you can flexibly have the desired work or role
  • Semi-annual salary increase system
  • Chocolate, books, seminars that can be used freely up to 5,000 yen a month
  • Social system
  • Side business recommended
  • Participation in contests and study sessions is recommended (regular employees who work 3 times a week for the contest in April-October and 5 times a week in November-March are also possible)


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