[Undecided arrival] Bonbon Chocolat Ariba Assortment 10 pieces – MAMANO CHOCOLATE
ボンボンショコラ アリバアソート10個 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
[入荷未定]ボンボンショコラ アリバアソート10個 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
[入荷未定]ボンボンショコラ アリバアソート10個 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Undecided arrival] Bonbon Chocolat Ariba Assortment 10 pieces


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Among Mamano's bonbon chocolates, the sweet is the one where you can feel the taste of Alibaba cacao most directly. The Ariva milk chocolate-based ganache (soft chocolate inside) is scented with the single malt Rolls-Royce, the famous "McCarran".
McCarran is a whiskey made by aging rich and fruity raw liquor made in a long-established distillery in the Speyside region of Scotland in sherry barrels. It is characterized by its unique sweetness, even though it does not contain any sugar.
An adult sweet bonbon chocolate with the floral and milky taste of gentle Alibaba milk chocolate and the sweetness of macallan aged in sherry barrels.



So that you can feel the taste of salt directly, do not mix it with chocolate, but put a few grains on the top of hemispherical chocolate. I'm using "Fleur de sel". Translated literally, it is a precious salt with flower-shaped crystals called "Salt Seika". The Guérande salt pans in Brittany, France, are still made using traditional techniques without the use of machines.
The tequila named "Cuervo 1800 Anejo" is matched with the bitter chocolate ganache.

Among the tequila whose grade changes from "swing, reposado, anejo" to each aging, we use aneho with a long aging period. Aneho, which has been aged to remove its roughness and has a rich barrel flavor, goes well with the strength of Ariba chocolate.
The combination of tequila and salt, which is popular in Mexico, the home of tequila, is expressed in chocolate.


Argan oil

Argan is a plant that grows vigorously without dying even in the harsh environment of 50 degrees Celsius with almost no rain. The oil is a blessing of the earth from the vast Sahara Desert of Morocco.
Argan oil is also known as beauty oil, but edible quality oil is very valuable. It has high nutritional value in terms of health, but what is noteworthy is its rich aroma.
In order to maximize the fresh scent similar to hazelnut oil and olive oil, the ganache of Ariva milk chocolate with less bitterness is filled with the scent of argan. Ganache with plenty of argan oil is heavy and cheap, but by adding vodka, it gives a refreshing and sharp taste, and it has a rich yet easy-to-eat taste.




The points of delicious honey that Mamano thinks are unheated and Japanese honey bees.

There are two types of honeybees, Western honeybees and Japanese honeybees. Western honeybees have better collection efficiency and are the mainstream, but Japanese honeybees collect nectar from many flowers and collect less. , Is said to produce honey with a richer taste.

The honey used in bonbon chocolate is unheated honey collected mainly by Japanese honeybees in the Shikoku region. Bourbon "Wild Turkey" is a perfect match for Ariba milk chocolate, which has a strong milky feel, and ganache, which has a rich yet sarcastic honey flavor.

Wild Turkey is an American bourbon whiskey, characterized by a rich sweetness reminiscent of vanilla due to the aging of strongly charred new barrels. Interestingly, this whiskey actually contains the flavoring ingredient "vanillin" from vanilla beans. Honey ganache with vanilla scent is added to create a taste reminiscent of rich caramel.


passion fruit


Like cacao, passion fruit is said to be native to the Amazon. It is characterized by a strong acidity, but it is said that the varieties grown in the tropics have a stronger acidity. The passion fruit from Tanegashima used in Mamano has a weaker acidity than the original, and is characterized by a good balance with sweetness.

The combination of milk chocolate with a strong sweetness and ganache of passion fruit is a tropical taste reminiscent of a tropical country. The vodka that goes well with the acidity is combined. Vodka, which is often used for cocktail bases, gives freshness and sharpness, and its powerful taste that is comparable to the name of "passion" is especially recommended for those who like sweet and sour sweets.


Brown sugar


It is the sweetest and richest bonbon chocolate among the 6 types, with the richness of brown sugar and the bitterness of Ariba dark chocolate deeply mixed and resonating deeply.

Only the precious native species of sugar cane from Tanegashima are carefully grown without pesticides, and brown sugar is gently cooked using traditional handmade manufacturing methods.
Brown sugar, which stores abundant natural minerals and does not heat more than necessary, has less lye and acridness, and is characterized by its mellow sweetness and deep richness.

Whether you want to eat sweet chocolate without thinking about it, or if you want to enjoy the deep richness and flavor, it is a bonbon chocolate that shows various expressions depending on the mood when you eat it.

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Product information

internal volume


expiry date

Delivered in 15 days or more

preservation method

Refrigerate at 5-10 ° C

Raw materials

Chocolate Raw material name: Chocolate (manufactured in Ecuador), cream, water candy, invert sugar, whole milk powder, butter, honey, brown sugar, passion fruit, argan oil, spirits, salt / lecithin, coloring agent (cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, yellow 4) , Red 40, Blue 1, Blue 2)

(Manufactured in the same workshop as products including wheat and buckwheat)

Nutritional ingredients

Per box: Energy 374.98kcal, Protein 3.82g, Fat 21.62g, Carbohydrate 34.56g, Salt equivalent 0.06g/ Estimated value


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