[Hokkaido milk 3 pieces] God's large raw chocolate – MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE
【北海道牛乳 3個】神様の大粒生チョコレート 冷蔵配送 MAMANO CHOCOLATE

[Hokkaido milk 3 pieces] God's large raw chocolate


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The new "God's Large Grain Raw Chocolate Hokkaido Milk" was developed with the aim of making raw chocolate that is easy to eat and that anyone, regardless of age or sex, can feel "delicious!" Familiar with Japanese foodPavé chocolate with a harmonious, gentle and relaxing tasteis.

Mamano does not use milk chocolate as a raw materialPlenty of dark chocolate and fresh milkdoing. Therefore, the flavor and richness of milk spreads even more than raw milk chocolate made from milk chocolate.

The surface is treated with silver powder so that you can enjoy it visually.

It is good to take it over time, or to bring it to your mouth as a large grain and enjoy the luxurious taste of melting the happy lumps while chewing.

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Product information

internal volume

3 pcs

expiry date

Delivered in 10 days or more

preservation method

Refrigerate at 5-10 ° C

Raw materials

Chocolate (Ecuador), cocoa butter, cream, milk, starch syrup, whole milk powder, butter, converted sugar, citrus sugar / sunflower lecithin, coloring agent (silver)

(Manufactured in the same workshop as products including wheat and buckwheat)

Nutritional ingredients

Estimated value per piece: Energy 71.08cal, protein 0.85g, fat 4.42g, carbohydrate 5.90g, salt equivalent 0.01g


【27 items】Milk

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