Introducing representative Kotaro Ezawa (REPRESENTATIVE INTRODUCTION)

Thank you for visiting Mamano's website.
My name is Kotaro Ezawa.

"What kind of person is the creator?"

This is one of the important things when choosing the food you eat. Therefore, I would like to briefly introduce myself and talk about how Mamano started.


At the age of 25, I quit the company I was working for and held a product exhibition for 16 days as a reconstruction support activity in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture. I went directly to the site, connected with the producers, sold the products with thoughtfulness in front of Yurakucho station, and donated all the sales amount to the producers.

People in Minamisanriku said "Thank you", people who bought the product in Tokyo also said "Thank you", and the staff of the sales volunteers also said "Thank you".

just like this,"I want to do a business that pleases everyone involved and can do it on a global scale."While thinking so, I came across Alibaba Cacao.


Meet Alibaba Cacao

When I first ate it, I was surprised at how delicious it was with its lychee-like fruitiness and powerful floral aroma that left a long and pleasant finish.

If it ’s Alibaba cacao, it ’ll eat it.Smile customersIt can be done locally by direct tradingThe current situation of cocoa producers has also improvedBy working on natural farming (agroforestry) that can be doneLeaving nature on the earth of the futureI thought I could do that.

After a preparation period of about half a year, we opened a small 2.7 tsubo store and workshop in February 2013, and thanks to you, many customers have come to visit us.

The more you know about cacao and chocolate, the stronger your desire to know more and to make chocolate that people all over the world can enjoy. Mamano exists with the support of many people.


Continue to challenge

We will continue to challenge with the membersChocolate that can make people smileI would like to create. We are waiting for you to make chocolates that will cheer you up when you are happy or hard.

When you come to Akasaka / Akasaka Mitsuke, please drop in at Mamano.
With gratitude and love for all our customers, farmers, members and those involved.

June 4, 2021

Representative contact first
Kotaro Ezawa
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