What is guayusa tea (wayusa)

guayusa tea

Guayusati isAn ancestral drink in the Ecuadorian AmazonSo it is like green tea for Japanese people.

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is an evergreen tree that grows up to 30m high in the Ecuadorian rainforest, and guayusa tea is made from its leaves.A medicinal plant that has been commonly used to treat or stimulate various ailmentsandGuayusa is the most important plant for Quichua indigenous people.

Although it is related to mate tea, it has less bitterness and is easier to drink than mate tea.

It contains a lot of caffeine and theobromine, and the good thing is that the effect lasts slowly, and unlike caffeine intake from coffee, it is said that headaches, dizziness, and anxiety due to lack of caffeine do not occur.

Guayusa harvesting and manufacturing method

The guayusa is hand-picked by mostly women farmers of the Quichua indigenous people.

After harvesting, it goes through a manufacturing process and is crushed into 2mm, 5mm, 8mm, or powder size according to the order.

How to drink guayusa

  • Place 1-2 teaspoons per cup in a tea strainer and steep in boiling water.
  • Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then enjoy your desired thickness.
  • For best results, simmer the guayusa directly in the pot for up to 20 minutes. (Recommended by Mamano Ezawa!)

*Traditionally, fresh guayusa leaves are harvested and the green leaves are cooked directly, rather than dried.

*Because it contains almost no tannin, it does not become astringent even if the tea leaves are left in hot water. The bitterness will be stronger, but you can eat it.

* If you use about 3g per cup, you can enjoy about 38 cups with 115g.

Ingredients and Effects of Guayusa

Studies have proven that guayusa has many health benefits. In particular, its stimulant and antioxidant effects have been noted.

  • Caffeine content of about 36mg per 100ml on average.
  • Antioxidants keep cells healthy.
  • L-theanine activates the brain and reduces stress.
  • Contains essential amino acids required for cell metabolism.
  • It is traditionally used both internally and externally as a panacea.
  • The caffeine in guayusa is absorbed slowly, giving you sustained energy without the jitters.gives you
  • Guayusa iscaffeineincluding the Amazon rainforestPower and focus all day long for jungle peoplegives you
  • It is said that hard fieldwork, hunting, and long-distance walking in the jungle can be done with the energy of guayusa.

morning ritual with guayusa

  • Indigenous families prepare guayusa early in the morning (around 4am) and drink it around the fire.
  • While drinking guayusa, families discuss and interpret their dreams.
  • After interpreting the dream, the family leader plans the day's activities, such as farming.

Guayusa as Divine Protector

  • Drinking guayusa is believed to protect against mosquito and snake bites.
  • It is said to ward off evil spirits and energies in the forest.
  • It is said that it will prevent you from getting lost in the jungle.

mamano and guayusa

  • Guayusa, which grows naturally in the Ecuadorian Amazon,Plants that live in symbiosis with cacaoand cacao, which is the basis of Mamano's chocolate,Same region, same forest, same unionraised in
  • Thanks to Mamano's partner Winyac Union, we are able to import guayusa directly.Better support the culture and environment of the Amazon, the green lungs of our beloved planetcan.
  • at Winyak Guild313 households growing guayusa organicallyis supporting

Grab some guayusa, feel the power of the rainforest and get ready for the day!

Harmonious coexistence with nature through chakra agroforestry farming

Guayu sati is the same as Mamano's Ariva cacaoWINAK union composed of Quichua indigenous peoplegrown in a traditional chakra agroforestry system by

It is grown organically without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, in a forest-like farm with about 100 kinds of crops, fruit trees, wood, medical plants, and food for self-sufficiency, including cacao.

Contribution to tropical rainforest protection

The Chakra Plantation, run by an indigenous Quichua family, has large areas of land that are not planted for crops as forests.

Outside the family-owned chakra plantations are communal secondary forests, primary forests, and beyond that, vast expanses of lush tropical rainforest protected as national parks.

As it is said that 80% of the earth's biodiversity is protected by indigenous areas of about 5%, in Ecuador the indigenous people of Quichua are able to make a living from cacao and guayusa, which will lead to a vast expanse of biodiversity. The rainforest will be protected, and it will also lead to the conservation of biodiversity.

Quality Assurance and Transparency for Tea with a Visible Face

In Mamano, the members of the Latin American national team are located very close to the WINAK union. Having lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon for nearly 20 years, he is married to a Quichua woman and has a family.

There is no intermediary between WINAK Union and Mamano, from the harvesting community to the fermentation drying process, Mamano is not just a buyer to WINAK Union every day, but a partner working together to improve quality and realize the vision. doing.

By valuing and practicing face-to-face relationships and face-to-face transactions, the value chain becomes too long, faceless, and consumers can enjoy themselves without realizing that they are sacrificing someone far away. I hope that this kind of situation will disappear.

Affiliation with Winyac Union

The Winyak Union is an organization set up jointly by Quichua smallholder farmers for the development and advancement of their communities and families. In order to support chakra farming (agroforestry), which leads to the development of small-scale cocoa farmers, forest conservation, and improvement of farmers' livelihoods, we are also attracted by the flavor of Ariva cacao, which is cultivated in the Amazon region. We have concluded a long-term contract with our union as We would appreciate it if you could use the Ariva cacao cultivated in this land.

Mamano is the only company in Japan that purchases guayusa through direct trade, and we handle orders for commercial use and orders in units of several tons.