Message from a local partner

Fascinated by Amazon

I'm a German forest engineer and have lived in the Amazon in Ecuador for 16 years.Unique rainforest ecosystem and amazing biodiversityI am fascinated by.

Especially in the upper part of Napo, Ecuador, where I liveSurrounded by pristine cloud forest and rainforest reserves, sustainable and ecological agriculture is more importantIt has become.

Agro Forest Lee

The cocoa tree is shade-resistant, can grow in forest-like conditions in harmony with many other species, and is perfectly integrated with traditional agroforestry.

Work at Mamano

My job in the Mamano family is coordinating with indigenous smallholders. We assist them in all stages of cocoa bean production and post-harvest processing, ensuring the perfect quality of Mamano chocolate.

We also coordinate for processing various cocoa products such as cocoa beans, cocoa butter, nibs, cocoa mass, and couverture.

He holds a master's degree in marketing specializing in international direct transactions with smallholder unions in order to deepen his knowledge of the international market and value chain and make his work more professional.

Sustainable direct business role model

For me,Mamano Chocolate's value chain is a sustainable direct business role modelam. We combine organic farming with the highest quality and social responsibility to directly support hundreds of indigenous smallholders at reasonable prices.

Environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, social responsibility, and the highest quality are transparent and honest.It is an honor for me to be a member of Mamano as one.

Thank you so much for your love of Mamano Chocolate. While enjoying the fine scent, realize that we directly support the nature and family of our small farmer's union "Winjak".

Urich Zebish

My name is Uli, I am a German forest-engineer, living in the Ecuadorian amazon for 16 years. I am fascinated by the unique ecosystem and the incredible biodiversity of the rainforest. Especially the upper part of Napo-province of Ecuador where I am living and working is surrounded by untouched beautiful cloud-forest and rainforest reserves which makes it even more important to apply a sustainable and ecologic form of agriculture.

Cacao trees are shade tolerant and can be grown under forest-like conditions in harmony with a plentitude of other species and integrate perfectly in the traditional form of agro-forestry. 

My task in the Mamano-family is the coordination with the indigenous small farmers, supporting them in all steps of the cocoa production and post-harvest treatment of the cocoa beans, to guarantee a perfect quality for Mamano-chocolate. Also, I am coordinating the transformation of the cocoa beans to different cocoa derivates as cocoa butter, nibs, cocoa mass and couverture. 

To professionalize my work and to gain knowledge about international markets and value chains I complemented my experience with a Master in Marketing, specialized in international direct trade with small farmers associations. 

For me the value chain of Mamano-chocolate is a role model for sustainable direct business. We combine organic agro-forestry with highest quality and social responsibility, supporting directly and without intermediates hundreds of indigenous small farmers-families by paying fair prices for the fine flavor Mamano-cacao.

It is an honor for me to be part of Mamano where environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, social responsibility and highest quality come together in a transparent and honest form. Thank you so much for preferring Mamano-chocolate. Enjoy the fine aroma and be sure that you a directly supporting the nature and the families of our small farmers cooperative “Wiñak”. 

Ulrich Zebisch