What impact will reforestation projects have on climate change and bio – ママノチョコレート
森林再生プロジェクトが気候変動と生物多様性に与える影響とは? カカオ組合の現場からお届け!-森をつくるチョコレート-

What impact will reforestation projects have on climate change and biodiversity? Delivered from the site of the cacao union! -Chocolate that creates a forest-

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we mamano chocolate"Chocolate to create a forest"A chocolate shop that offers

Since 2013, we have been collaborating with the indigenous farmers' association in the Ecuadorian rainforest region to conserve the diversity of cacao varieties and improve the quality of cacao for about 10 years. Thanks to our close relationship with the local people, we are able to deliver to our customers genuine chocolates with rare and gorgeous aromas and complexity.

This event was organized by the local union."Forest Restoration Project"We will deliver about it by connecting the local and Japan online.

As was noted at the side event of COP26 held in Glasgow, England last year, their practiceTraditional agroforestry farming (chakra farming)is said to be effective in mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity.

thisTo further improve farming methods that are good for the global environmentIn addition, in the union"Forest Regeneration Project"has started.
Chocolate and Climate Change, Chocolate and Biodiversity ConservationThe members (in charge of the reforestation project) who are practicing locally will introduce how they are related by showing various seedlings directly!

An interpreter will be provided, so please feel free to participate in Japanese.
It will be a project while interacting with the locals, but it is OK to participate just by watching and listening!

Event details

Date: September 3, 2022 (Saturday) Approximately 60 minutes from 7:30 a.m. Japan time
(local Ecuador from 17:30 on September 2nd)
Time: 60 minutes
Location: Ecuador Napo Province (tropical rainforest area) live broadcast from the reforestation center of the Wignac Cooperative
Speaker: Tamiya WINAK Union Reforestation Manager
Coordinators: Uri, cocoa coordinator on the Ecuadorian side, and Ezawa, representative of Mamano, on the Japanese side
Tool: Zoom (link will be sent to those who apply)
Format: I would like to proceed happily while receiving questions from the participants.
Local rainy weather: There is a possibility of cancellation
Others: There is a possibility that it will be distributed on youtube live, but the video will only be distributed on the speaker screen.

About Mamano Chocolate

Our brands are characterized by protecting rainforests, protecting traditional cocoa varieties, contributing to climate change mitigation, protecting the rights of smallholder farmers, contributing to farmer development, Transparency underpins them. Introducing our concept of “sustainability”.

1. Conservation of cacao variety diversity
One of our goals is to buy traditional varieties of cocoa at a higher price and to motivate the farmers who harvest them to continue harvesting them.

Second, biodiversity and deforestation
The cacao handled by Mamano is not the so-called monoculture, but the cacao cultivated using traditional Agfoforestry farming methods. In this farming method, many kinds of crops are cultivated in a form similar to that of a natural rainforest, and since no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, it has a positive impact on the land, rivers, and seas, as well as on animals and nature.

Third, climate change
Traditional agroforestry farming does not require trees to be cut down to harvest cocoa, thus maintaining forests that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change.

Our policy is to deliver delicious chocolate in a sustainable way.