Amazon vanilla (variety: Vanilla Odorata)

Amazon Vanilla (Vanilla Odorata)is a vanilla that is endemic to the Ecuadorian Amazon and still has little market trade.

beyond wordsAn alluring and happy scent with complexity of rich vanilla, sweet milky, spicy and woody notes.I have.You can use it with any sweets that use vanilla.

Amazon vanilla found in Ecuador (variety: Vanilla Odorata)Mamano, which has a partnership with the Ecuadorian Quichua people for more than 10 years, is the first import in Japan.Did. It is an endemic species of the Amazon that is rarely distributed worldwide.

It is cultivated by the Kayari union next to the Winyak union, Mamano's partner. A special vanilla grown naturally with plants from the Amazon rainforest, such as ariba cacao and guayusa, which we purchase at our store.

We would appreciate it if you could use it not only for general customers but also for wholesale trade to make various products such as ice cream, chocolate, cake, etc.

Amazon Vanilla Details (Vanilla Odorata)

Producer: Kayari Union. The indigenous Quichua people are the main members. About 800 households participated. The purpose is to support small-scale farmers.

Region: Tena region, Napo prefecture, Ecuador

Natural environment:Amazon rainforest

Cultivation method:Traditional Chakra System (Agroforestry), no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers

Variety: Vanilla Odorata. Species endemic to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Tahitian vanilla is a hybrid of Bourbon vanilla and vanilla odorata.

Rarity: The annual production of the Kayari Union is less than 1000kg, less than 0.01% of the world production. Commercialization only started a few years ago.

Scent: A scent that is indescribably alluring and happy. Rich vanilla scent, sweet milky scent, spice, complexity

body shape:Filled and thicka lot of things

Weight: about 3-6g

Length: about 15-18cm

Applications: ice cream, custard, baked goods, vanilla essence, chocolate, perfume, etc.

Transaction system:direct trade(Direct purchase from union), fair trade(Fair price direct purchase, no fair trade certification)

Logistics: Local members purchase directly from the union president locally. We manage everything from export to domestic packing in-house.

Child Labor: None. They are small farmers and do farm work on their own farms, and there is no exploitative labor.

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